Billie Short

Certified Master Life Coach

Are You Ready?

Are you ready to quit overeating or over-drinking to unwind at the end of day?  Do you want to end the cycle of waking up exhausted and going to bed exhausted? Do you feel like you spin your wheels all day and are getting nowhere? Are you ready to have deeper connections and time to do things you enjoy? I empathize and understand because I have been there. I spent years in the cycle of overwhelm and frustration. I believed I was the victim of circumstances and that I had no control over anything. There is a way out of the cycle and I would love to help you on the journey to change.

A Little Bit Of My Story

I am a caregiver. I have been married for over half my life to a man I love immensely who battles anxiety and depression. We have two children. Our daughter has both mental and physical challenges; requiring full assistance in all areas. My son experienced a period of depression and bullying as a teen. I submersed myself in their care for the last twenty years at the expense of my own. I did not know it was possible to take care of myself and my family at the same time.

In 2019 I was approaching 51 and carrying an extra 50 pounds on my small frame. I was anxious, stressed and overwhelmed. I survived each day putting out fires and reacting to everything going on around me. At the end of day, I would “relax” by watching reality shows and drinking wine and snacking. I sought relief from my day and I was neglecting myself. My coping mechanisms were showing on the scale and in my emotional state. I was not in a calm state of mind. I became desperate to lose weight as I was struggling in my body to care for my daughter. My blood pressure was up. I suffered from GERD, headaches and fatigue. As I embarked on a journey to once again shed some weight, I learned a new way of approaching my health and my life began to change for the better.

Today I am over 50 pounds lighter on the scale and have also lost many of the excuses and thoughts that were holding me back. I have learned the ease of maintaining the loss while improving my sleep and reducing my stress. I am learning more about who I am and who I want to become every day. There is more joy in each day and calm in the chaos. My life is amazing compared to two years ago and the only thing that has changed is me.

My Aspiration

My desire is to help women see they can be amazing caregivers, moms, employees, friends and partners and not get lost in the process.  Transition from overweight, overwhelmed, and stressed out is attainable and easier than you think.  It is possible to care for others and care for yourself. I want to help women discover the key to more control and balance in their lives and in their home. I want all women to wake up each day excited at what the new day brings and ready to face challenges feeling empowered. I want moms to love how they show up with their family.  I invite you to reach out to me and start your own journey of self discovery and change. I would love to help guide you in the process.

Reach out to me today!

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