Hard Doesn’t Mean Don’t

We will face obstacles of access with Emily and her wheelchair. We will be in places with restrooms that are not adequate to meet her needs. Lifting and transitioning Emily will be physically tough on us both. We will have to help her manage her anxiety and fear as we take her out of her routine and comfort zone.

Bumps in the Road and Holding Hands

All my husband wanted for Father’s Day was to go camping for the weekend. He planned the location and we got to prepare for the trip. We would have Emily with us so we decided to take the trailer. It was also going to be warm so having the AC inside the trailer would beContinue reading “Bumps in the Road and Holding Hands”

Saying Yes to Others is Saying No to Ourselves

I have always been good at showing up for others. Most caregivers are. Showing up for ourselves is another story. Why do we do that? Why do we put what everyone else needs and desires above our own? I was reflecting on this and had some thoughts: If I say no, I will let someoneContinue reading “Saying Yes to Others is Saying No to Ourselves”

Crying is Good for Your Health

We often hear that laughter is the best medicine. Our culture recognizes the value of laughter. It is seen as cathartic and beneficial. We praise laughter for the health benefits. Crying on the other hand is often seen as a sign of weakness. Crying is often seen as negative. For most of my life, IContinue reading “Crying is Good for Your Health”

Don’t Forget to Add the Grace

There are days when we respond to circumstances with abundant grace. We have things come at us and we adapt and pivot like a boss. I recently wrote that one of my superpowers was my ability to adapt and pivot. I think my superpowers were malfunctioning on Sunday. Sunday was typical. I got up byContinue reading “Don’t Forget to Add the Grace”

The Gift of Acceptance

This past Sunday was Mother’s Day. In my experience, holidays often come with unexpected or unwanted emotions. Grief and sadness are the two that show up on the regular. Holidays tend to highlight or magnify the loss I have experienced. They are a reminder that my parents are gone and not here to celebrate. TheyContinue reading “The Gift of Acceptance”