Celebrate Doing Less and Connecting More

Sunday, May 21st was World Meditation Day. I had planned to attend Michael O’Brien’s live class on his Pause Breathe Reflect app. I was looking forward to the meditation. There is something magical about meditating live with others and Michael has created an incredible space and community. The collective energy is indescribable. It is fuelContinue reading “Celebrate Doing Less and Connecting More”

Can Caregivers Win the Numbers Game?

Extreme caregivers have more days that can feel overwhelming, stressful, and exhausting than most people. We also know our mind wants to protect us, and it wants the path of least resistance. This can be a challenge. Challenging days are stressful, and our brain wants to relieve our suffering as quickly as possible. As IContinue reading “Can Caregivers Win the Numbers Game?”

Extreme Caregiving Can Influence Our Choices

I was recently described as an extreme caregiver. I was unfamiliar with the term and unsure if it was an accurate description. Anything that includes the word extreme is not something that I find relatable. I am moderate in most things. What is extreme caregiving, and does the label fit? Lisa Freitag, the author of Extreme Caregiving: TheContinue reading “Extreme Caregiving Can Influence Our Choices”

Grief Emerging From a Closet Purge

This weekend Todd is camping, and he even took Ben with him. I cannot believe how much quieter the house is without the young pup following me every minute of the day. Coco is content and thrilled to just be left alone. Enjoying the calm that surrounds her while she sleeps and eats. I amContinue reading “Grief Emerging From a Closet Purge”

The Gift Of Unlearning: Raising a Child with Intellectual Disabilities

I remember the day Emily was born. She came along twenty-two months after her brother, Justin. It was such an easy delivery. The doctor barely arrived in time to catch Emily as she emerged from the safety of my womb. I remember teasing the doctor that she shouldn’t get paid to come in just inContinue reading “The Gift Of Unlearning: Raising a Child with Intellectual Disabilities”

Dancing in Disconnect

This past weekend, Todd and I decided to take the family camping for the long weekend. Justin wanted to stay home and have friends over, and he agreed to care for our senior poodle, Coco. We chose our location and planned our meals. I prepared all the things needed to take Emily on a roadContinue reading “Dancing in Disconnect”

Different Path and Different Journey

“Normality is a paved road: It’s comfortable to walk, but no flowers grow.”-Vincent Van Gogh  Cradled in her arms is her first grandchild. At two months of age, Wyatt craves the comfort of a warm embrace and the sway of arms that hold him while he sleeps. As I watch Patti gently rocking Wyatt toContinue reading “Different Path and Different Journey”

New Year, Recurring Fear

There is something beautiful about starting a new year. Each year is a recurring clean slate. The past year is behind us, and a new year is ahead. I was extra excited that January 1st fell on a Sunday this year. I love to plan my week on Sunday mornings. I time block my week,Continue reading “New Year, Recurring Fear”

Gratitude Can Cut Through the Darkness

Storms will always be a part of life. There isn’t any way to avoid them. We pray they will pass quickly, but we are at their mercy. How do we ride out the inevitable storms? What strategies can we use to weather them with less damage? How do we come through the season of badContinue reading “Gratitude Can Cut Through the Darkness”

I See a Little Whimsy on the Horizon

What a difference a day makes, I thought. Today I feel like I can breathe again. There is hope on the horizon. No, nothing has really changed, except maybe my attitude. I chose to stay in the trenches for the past few weeks without trying to climb out. I felt isolated, sad, and overwhelmed. EmbracingContinue reading “I See a Little Whimsy on the Horizon”