Can Caregivers Win the Numbers Game?

Extreme caregivers have more days that can feel overwhelming, stressful, and exhausting than most people. We also know our mind wants to protect us, and it wants the path of least resistance. This can be a challenge. Challenging days are stressful, and our brain wants to relieve our suffering as quickly as possible. As IContinue reading “Can Caregivers Win the Numbers Game?”

Choosing Guilt Improved My Mental Health

Ever since I was a child, I prioritized the needs of others over my own needs. I never wanted to let others down. My desire to meet the needs of family, friends, and even strangers generally came before my willingness to recognize and care for my needs. On the rare occasion that I did somethingContinue reading “Choosing Guilt Improved My Mental Health”

Consistency: Built From Baby Steps

I was recently asked to share how I have consistently shown up for myself and the strategies or techniques I practice to create new habits. It hasn’t been a quick process. I only add (or subtract) one thing at a time. I have implemented change by practicing one small habit consistently. For example, getting upContinue reading “Consistency: Built From Baby Steps”